Insight Astrological Advice

Sanjay Vishwakarma, Astrologer and palmist of repute, is born in Varanasi (India), the seat of oriental Vedic sciences. He is initiated into the specific discipline of Astrology and palmistry in the very early formative years of his life (at the age of nine).
His inherent interest and quest for a spiritual journey from the known to the unknown, lead him into the field of Astrology and placed him under the guidance of many great and well reputed scholars and masters in the field of Vedic sciences. Sanjay is giving consults and lectures throughout the whole of Europe.

Due to his expertise, he applies the classical values and aspects of Vedic Astrology in modern society. He has developed a unique way of explaining and expressing his knowledge and analysis to help people move forward in life, without being conservative or Judgmental. Sanjay already has more than 43 years of experience in analysing the very complex calculations of the stars and constellations, advising and coaching people of various ages, cultures and backgrounds. By his tremendous accuracy and his astonishing effective solutions, he has attained both national and international recognition and appreciation over the years.